Friday, March 2, 2012

Curled up in the darkness out of sight
A throw away child she cries throughout the night
She has never had anyone to tuck her in
unloved and abused since her life began

Made fun of , pushed and shoved
Her mind went dark, silent and gloved
Society was the evil she grew to hate
Becoming enraged she was someones fate

From a child to a woman she became
The fruits of her body she used with no shame
Flaunting her breasts showing some thigh
Tonight there will be another to die

She smiles laughs and licks her lips
Crosses her legs hands on her hips
She feels the excitement growing from within
Her victim has no idea a wolf in sheepskin

Flirting touching sending signals of lust
The plan is working she is building trust
A wink of an eye and the trap is set
Soon she will be dripping of blood and sweat

Society taught her how to hate
From a child to a woman sex was her bait
She does to others as was done to her
Leaving them empty without a soul

Now they hunt the streets for a killer
But to her its getting even for a life full of terror
Be careful when out for a good night
She still lurks with her breasts in full sight

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