Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jackals in Disguise

I deal with people everyday and its amazing how many people seem to be from the same mold. There seems to be a certain number of molds for people and the process repeats itself time and time again. Physical features and mannerisms give people their individual characteristics but there seems to be a repeating feature here. Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself "he/she reminds me of someone", that is in the realm of what I am talking about. However, its not just the facial features or movements its the total package of individuals. The molds have been over used and now the world is full of "twins", "triplets" and it goes deeper than that. "Jackals in Disguise" is a look into the over use of unknown inbreeding due to the over populating of certain geographical regions. From one person from my generation I have found that I am related to at least 15,000 who are or close to my age. Relation does not necessarily mean same as in DNA so the "watering down" of the gene pool seems evident here. The theory that "we" are all related is very real to a certain degree.