Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue on Blue

Smiling doesn't mean I am happy

Crying doesn't mean I am sad

Being in a crowd doesn't mean I am not lonely

Being alone doesn't mean I am

Doing the right thing isn't always easy

The easy thing isn't always right

The way people see me

Is the way I want them to

Being me is not easy

Looking happy but feeling blue

I live with internal pain

For reasons not known to me

Maybe inside there is the answer

I want to set it free

Smiling in the dark

Is like crying in the rain

No matter what I feel like

No one sees the pain

Doing the right thing isn't always easy

The easy thing isn't always right

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Her Wings of Love

Peering out of the darkness waiting in the shadows

I feel its presence, hatred and horror

Hair on end ears are ringing

Only moments away from horrific things

Breathing elevates sight becomes narrowed

Painful torture is taking over

Perspiring stench takes over the room

Hearing every little noise near and far

I did it again after promising to stop

She no longer listens she has had enough

Things are not as easy as they seem

Just saying I won’t is so fucking lame

What was it in me that made me begin

Living with the craving from within

To think that a substance can control who I am

No way not me is what I want to say

In life there are things we want to change

Oh Lord please take this out of me

I blame only me for my shortcomings in life

The best part of me is my wife

She protects, nurtures and loves me for me

She hates what I do but not who I am

Love has kept my heart going on

For without her I know I would be gone

Saying thank you is not enough

I fall to my knees pray and look up

Feeling the freedom is yet to come

In my heart I know she is the one

God has put her in my life

She is My Angel, she is my wife

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Keeping stride with the mind of reason in an out of control society is like walking an alligator through a minefield using a spaghetti strand for a leash. Nothing seems to be making sense in this world except selling out for power and money. You will be almost totally unsuccessful at finding a large company that is employee dedicated or friendly. Yeah sure in the beginning it all seems nice until the head honchos see their bonuses dwindling down to a measly million or so. The first thing the “company” cut was giving out turkeys for Thanksgiving followed by pink slips for Christmas. However, on the infield of the NASCAR tracks, the Zamboni on the Hockey rink, the many sponsored sporting events through out the year there is this same company spending hundreds of million on advertising. Their responses to these are it’s a tax write off!

Companies want good hard working loyal employees yet they treat them like dirt when things get tough. A certain office is shutting down which will leave around 100 people without jobs this year. I can understand it if there is a downsizing that has to happen, but the company just hired 15 – 20 temps to work at an office not five miles away, and to make things worse the rest of the jobs are being outsourced to India. It’s a typical move for sorry ass companies these days. If I were in charge of this nation I would make it very expensive for companies to move out of America to foreign soil just to pay cheaper labor. In port taxes would be insane, all imports would have to have factory inspections and legitimate paperwork to ensure safety and humane working conditions. Sending jobs over seas and putting “our” people out of work is not the answer.

One thing that strikes me as ironic is that people that work in fast food are sometimes stereo typed as stupid, uneducated or lazy. The irony in this is we never have had a McDonalds or Wendy’s fire people because they are shutting down and moving to Pakistan!