Friday, July 1, 2011


Our so called "Peoples Government" is ruining this country and "our" lives. The Minnesota Government shutdown, how the fuck does something like this happen. If a state government shuts down does this mean its not actually governed or under laws anymore. Politicians have screwed this country so bad giving huge corporations bail-outs, letting corporations not pay any taxes( and I don't want to hear shit about how they employ thousands and they put money into the communities). What are "regular people" like me suppose to do to let the rich "fucks" and the self centered politicians know that "we" are the ones hurting. The politicians make way too much money for the shit they "don't do" and the rich are getting richer because they don't pay enough taxes. When something happens like, someone killing or blowing up the senate, congress or the White House than people will blame the individual for doing such terrible thing, however why not hold the government responsible for pushing people to the edge. People losing their homes, their land, their world.....its ugly and I want to see something happen. This is suppose to be the best country in the world and its FUCKING BROKE because of the assholes in Washington, D.C.. Time for people to start letting the "leaders" in D.C. know we are not going to take it anymore. Look at the FUCKHEADS in D.C. living comfortable and not worrying about their jobs or their homes......This country has become a pile of corrupt bullshit and I would love to see everyone in Government lose everything that they have and let them watch as their lives dwindle. I, as you can tell, am pissed off that "OUR" country has been ruined by immature politicians. I say dissolve the parties and let there be one government for the people, not two governments for themselves. TIME TO SHUTDOWN THE ASSHOLES AND LIMIT PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT TO SMALLER TERMS AND THE HELL WITH THESE LOBBYISTS AND POCKET STUFFERS. POLITICS POLLUTES PEOPLE !!!

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