Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Knock Knock......Who is it ?

..........looking up the ladder its roughly twenty feet to the top, not exactly the height from which one dies when falling but who knows. I make my way up and with every rung of the ladder my body gets more tense and my grip much tighter. By time I reach halfway I feel as if I am twenty stories up as opposed to less than twenty feet. I hear a mumbling voice telling me to let go and throw myself to the ground, this voice is very faint and garbled but understandable. In my head I am challenging this voice and pushing it to a place where its muted. I keep making my way up the ladder. Now I am about four feet from the top and the voice in my head is pissed, screaming at me to end my shitty life and stop living in a world not worth living in, I hear nothing but this voice it consumes my entire body. I hear a different voice in the distance asking "Are you okay?", I look up and see a familiar face reaching his hand down to help me up. The screaming in my head becomes faint as the other voice says "Come on buddy, you are almost there", I reach out and touch his hand and a wave of reality runs through my body as I pull myself to the top.

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