Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Olympics

Well the Winter Olympics have begun and i have to say the hype is more than the actual feeling anymore. I remember back in the 70's when the Olympics meant so much more than what they seem to mean now. The USA and Russia were in a Cold War and the Olympics took the place of killing each other. Country pride was overwhelming, the athletes "spoke" for their nation with bravery and patriotism. The Olympics were a family event in which families sat and watched and cheered (out loud) for their countries athletes. It seemed we knew the names of our athletes and where they were from. Nowadays things are different. Back then the athletes from other countries were actually from there and lived there, today a lot of the other countries athletes live here in the USA and attend college or work here but they represent their "homeland". I don't think that's right and i feel it should not be done in this fashion. Are they citizens of the USA ? If they attend college here than how does that work ? Do they get financial aid here or pay taxes ? I never really thought about any of this until now. Olympics are mostly about money and i think that's sad. There are a lot of great athletes but if you leave your country to better your life than you basically gave up on it and why would you represent it if you left it. I am cynical about things like this but its who i am.

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